Our professional services

Infotech provides accounting software services for small to medium size businesses, tailored to each business' unique requirements.

Choosing the program that best suits your business. With our experience as accountants and our knowledge of the accounting software market, we can help you choose the right program, the first time.
Converting from your present accounting system. Infotech can do the entire conversion for you or walk you through all the steps necessary so that you can do it yourself.
Setting up a computerized accounting system for your new business. Start off right. We will help you develop a chart of accounts and setup all the program modules that apply specifically to your business situation.
On site training and on-going support. Infotech provides on-site training to make sure you and your bookkeeper quickly learn the program features that apply to your business. Your everyday business transactions are used as the training material. Personalized, stream-lined, on-site training is very efficient since the focus is on what applies to your business. On-going technical and bookkeeping support provides help when needed.
Benefit from all the features your accounting software offers. Very often bookkeepers use only the program features that they know how to use. Some of these unused features could automate a process that is currently done manually, such as payroll, writing cheques, producing invoices, budgeting or reconciling bank accounts. We can make you aware of, and show you how to use the various program features that will save time, ensure accuracy and improve management.
Establish proper bookkeeping procedures. We can help you establish accounting procedures and prepare instruction documentation that you and your staff can follow when in doubt about how to perform a task.